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Moving Restaurant Owners to Financial & Operational Success

Is chaos sabotaging your restaurant and bar’s bottom line?

Is chaos sabotaging the bottom line of  your restaurant or bar?

Seattle’s restaurant consultant Jean Klein

Seattle's restaurant consultant Jean Klein, CPA can eliminate your chaos and increase your profits.

Is your restaurant well liked and busy... but hard to manage and the numbers don't add up? Seattle's expert restaurant consultant Jean Klein, CPA can streamline your daily operations and take control of your financial performance. Jean's expertise includes 17 years as a successful restaurant owner/operator. She is also a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Find out how Small Restaurant Specialist can help your restaurant or bar thrive.

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Seattle Restaurant Consultant

How Seattle’s restaurant consultant can help

How Seattle's restaurant consultant can help

Bottom left expertise list

  • Create a turnaround strategy
  • Prepare an exit strategy
  • Increase profitability
  • Set up or modify your QuickBooks
  • Clean up an accounting mess
  • Implement procedures to properly prepare your state and local sales tax reports
  • Train clients on financial and operational procedures

Center expertise list

  • Achieve a straightforward payroll solution
  • Create procedures to enter daily sales and recurring transactions into your accounting system
  • Set up step-by-step procedures for back office tasks
  • Show you how to prepare your monthly bank account reconciliation

Bottom right expertise list

  • Lower accounting and CPA costs as financial data and payroll data cleanup will not be necessary
  • Maximize use of POS data and integration with other systems
  • Create financial tools for accurate understanding of operational costs, revenues and profits

What our clients say

What our clients say

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Seattle Restaurant Consultant

Steakhouse Text

We were looking for someone to come in and help us get our financial numbers in order which at the time were unfortunately a mess. Jean Klein at Small Restaurant Specialist was able to get us on track in no time. She is friendly, informative and very helpful. We still use her on a consulting basis when unknown financial situations arise.

Joseph Merkling
Executive Chef, General Manager, Steakhouse9 Restaurant and Lounge, Lynden, WA

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Jean Klein, CPA is not your typical “restaurant consultant”

Jean Klein, CPA is not your typical "restaurant consultant"

Jean photo

Jean Klein, Seattle Restaurant Consultant

Your restaurant is your passion. Helping it thrive financially is mine.

Concepts, menus and decor are not her areas, but your financial and back office operations are! As a CPA and former 17 year hands-on restaurant owner, Jean Klein knows the myriad of subtle ways profits are made and how they can get away. She will help you to implement systems and internal controls to track where your revenues are going and to prevent your profits and assets from vanishing. Want to have a better, more profitable tomorrow? Start working on your systems today. Continue reading >



How to find a restaurant consultant to fit your needs

How to find a restaurant consultant to fit your needs


So, you’ve decided to hire a restaurant consultant

So, you’ve decided to hire a restaurant consultant. You’ve heard they can advise you on a broad spectrum of restaurant-related topics, from location and deécor to menu items, operations, and financial set up. Smart decision.

A restaurant consultant can help you make a success out of your new restaurant, or point out changes to improve an existing one. But how do you go about selecting the right consultant to suit your particular needs? Where do you even begin your search?

A good place to start when looking for reliable consultants is to get referrals from your own network of professionals in related fields; lawyers, CPAs, software admin services (like Paychex), real estate agents, contractors, and food purveyors, to name a few. Other restaurant owners may have a referral, too.

Just because a website says the consultant does “everything,” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. They may be farming out work to an outside firm that has no experience working with restaurants.

Here are five things to learn before you hire a consultant: Continue Reading →

QuickBooks Online – the books your restaurant needs for success

QuickBooks Online – the books your restaurant needs for success

QuickBooks for restaurants

Chances are you’ve done

Chances are you’ve done a lot of reading about how to turn your restaurant into a thriving business. But the books which may be the most vital to your operations can’t be checked out of the library; QuickBooks™ Online.

QuickBooks Online is a great tool for restaurants and you should be using it before you even open your doors for business. In fact, keeping accurate books as soon as you start moving forward with your restaurant plans is absolutely essential. Continue Reading >

The top 5 financial pitfalls for restaurant owners

The top 5 financial pitfalls for restaurant owners


Are you a smooth operator

Are you a smooth operator? Your restaurant may run like a well-oiled machine on the front end, but how are things on the back end? Operation problems can be the undoing for the best of restaurant owners.

Not only do sloppy accounting and back of house systems make for stressful days, but issues that slip between the cracks can ultimately spell financial ruin for your restaurant.

Restaurant owners know that while so many business expenses are fixed, operating costs are flexible. True, you can’t repair insufficient sales by controlling your operating costs, but if your sales are strong, you can turn your operations around to be profitable by eliminating or avoiding the following mistakes. Continue reading >

Why you need a restaurant consultant more than a 5 star chef

Seattle Restaurant Consultant

blog text

Do you believe the quality of your menu offerings is the key to your restaurant’s success? While adding that coveted chef to your staff may be a great idea, putting your accounting methods in order may be the more important element.

As a seasoned Seattle restaurant consultant and CPA, I’ve found that the #2 reason for most restaurant owners’ financial problems lies in how effectively they’re tracking their numbers (#1 is inadequate sales; if that isn’t in line, all other efforts will be wasted, but that is another subject for another time).  Continue reading >